Marketer interest in RSS, podcasts, mobile ahead of usage

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“Marketer interest in RSS, podcasts, mobile ahead of usage
AdAge played an interesting game with its marketing-industry readers recently. First the magazine pointed to all the research that showed that small percentages of Americans were actually using RSS feeds, podcasts or mobile services. According to Jupiter, 8% of American adults listen to podcasts, 5% use RSS feeds and 1% of mobile phone users care about entertainment options. But in an AdAge poll after the article ran, 67% of respondents said marketers should jump on these new media now, even though people might not be using them in mass numbers yet. Meanwhile, AdAge also found disparity in mobile search, with only 5% of consumers ever using web search on their mobile phones, yet 70% of media companies were planning to buy mobile search ads in their media mix. “Mobile search is not here yet,” analyst Greg Sterling told AdAge. “I thought it would take five to seven years, but now I think in two to three years there will be meaningful mobile-search usage.”
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