A shameless plug for my colleague’s blog

[Tags: , , , ]. My colleagues at UCE Birmingham will tell you that I am endlessly pushing them to start blogging, so it’s great to see that fellow lecturer Pete Wilby has not only given in but done so with gusto with his new blog Screaming Headlines, with a number of posts on PR and journalism that combine brevity with depth. In his own words it is:

“a source, archive and place to discuss Journalism and PR. Hopefully it will address questions on the nature of news, the role of journalism in our view of the world and the impact of PR on the news agenda. Do we get the news we deserve? Or the news we need to know? This isn’t just a site for paranoid academics or their students – contributions are also welcome from professionals in journalism and PR or anyone with something to say about the world as presented through the headlines.”

Of course I should also mention the blogs of my other colleagues Andrew Dubber (online music and radio) and Caroline Wilson (the more practical side of PR) before they get jealous and start fighting in the corridors…


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