Internet Direct Response Marketing

[Tags: , ]. Internet Direct Response Marketing is the subject of the latest Larry Chase email newsletter, with a raft of useful links. Here they are:

A/B Split Testing Tools


This company offers software that allows Web marketers to test and optimize Web pages on the fly, without altering any of their site code, in order to improve conversion rates. It supports A/B, split and multivariate testing as well as behavioral targeting campaigns. While complete details are not available at the site, it appears that SiteSpect will create an .asp version of your site. You can then use their Web-based tools to tinker and experiment with offers, design and placement of landing pages, checkout processes, search and registration – all of those prime conversion spots – without actually having to modify your website. This is a step forward for conversion rate testing software, as at the time of writing most solutions required marketers to focus on specific elements of a Web page (such as the offer or the placement of the call-to-action button) and test them one by one or else alter the underlying structure of the website.

Google AdWords CTR Validity Tool

Vertster is a hosted suite of Web-based site testing and optimization tools. They offer this complimentary tool which will tell you whether or not you have enough campaign history to eliminate a lower performing ad. Simply enter your AdWords performance metrics, and you will receive a confidence interval figure which will give you an idea of how safe it is to eliminate the lower performing ad. While revisiting this site we were also pleased to discover a blog devoted to split testing and website optimization which is well worth checking out.

Public Relations Direct Response Tool


PRWeb considers itself to be a Web 2.0-enabled press release newswire, which is a buzzword meaning that a company incorporates all the latest Internet and Web technologies and techniques into its service. A case in point is their integration of press release TrackBacks within any release distributed through the service. A Trackback is a mechanism used in a blog which indicates that a particular word or phrase is being written about on other blogs as well – ie., there is a conversation occuring around it on the Web and all the discussions link not only to one another but also back to the original document that sparked the conversation. In addition, because of this integration of TrackBack technology, when a blog or other site links to a press release hosted on, a link to the post, along with an excerpt, appears below the press release so that readers – and the company that posted the press release – can see what the blogosphere is saying about the news.

Direct Mail Marketing Tools


At this site you can sit down at your computer and create a direct mail piece that will be sent to a real-world mailing list, all without ever leaving your keyboard. Start by selecting the type of piece that you want to mail – postcard, letter and so on – and price it in seconds based on the size of your list and details of the mailing piece. The cost of postage is included in this nifty little calculator, of course. You can then design your piece online with the available Word-based design templates, or upload previously designed creative. You can upload your own mailing list or purchase one along the way through the online services of several third-party vendors. And then you proof your piece online, submit a credit card for payment and they’ll do all the licking and sorting for you and deliver it right to the USPS. There are lots of tutorials here as well if you get stuck along the way.

Mobile Direct Marketing


Enpocket delivers mobile marketing strategies to more 400 brands across Europe, Asia and the US.

Direct Marketing Blogs

David Garfinkel’s World Copywriting Blog

Jim Edwards “I Gotta Tell You” Blog

Direct Marketing Blogs




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